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Pure touch is a social enterprise that teaches women from our more vulnerable community the skill of knitting and crocheting, in order to sell beautiful, high quality products made from 100% natural, biodegradable and locally produced yarns. We only use yarns that come from sustainable resources like bamboo, hemp, organic cotton and sisal, making all our products kind to the skin and the environment. When you buy one of our products, you are not only supporting the use of more sustainable resources, but are also making a sustainable difference in the lives of the women who produce them.

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This beautiful initiative not only brings quality handmade products into your home, it also serves the environment and succeeds in bringing a group of ladies together, empowering them to support their own families better!

Gerda Scheepers SOUTH AFRICA

I love the idea of producing biodegradable products combined with offering South African women to learn to produce those products themselves and earn some income with it. I highly recommend the products & idea!

Korinna Hofheinz SWITZERLAND

The products are of high quality and it is a very innovative idea to reach out to unprivileged woman to enable them to generate an income for themselves. Take time to get to know Nadja through this page, she is a awesome lady.

Lisé-Marè Botha SOUTH AFRICA

The concept of biodegradable product’s is a wonderful Idee. Combined with the sozial impact on South African woman that it supports. Top! Please share and support

Sandra Lehmann-Wulkow SWITZERLAND

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