"Beautiful things made by beautiful people for beautiful homes."

How it Started

In September 2019, after reading an article about kitchen scrubs containing microplastics that eventually disintegrate and end up in our oceans, I decided to use my knitting and crocheting skills to make my own, eco-friendly and biodegradable kitchen scrubs and dish cloths. What started off in my home kicthen as a passion for environmentally friendly products and sustainable resources soon developed into a small business. The name pure touch was born and I started selling products in a small local shop.

The name pure touch was inspired by the purity of nature and of the one who created it plus the almost silky, soft feel of our products. The cedar tree in the logo symbolizes the natural, strong and long-lasting yarns we use and the vision we have for the women and their families of our community – a beacon of hope and resilience.

My two hands quickly needed more hands to knit and crochet. Being a social worker, I felt the need to provide women in our vulnerable community of Ocean View with the opportunity to earn an income and thereby support themselves and their families.

In February 2020, this dream became a reality when Marie Mueller, who was already working in Ocean View, joined me. What started off as a small business now became much more than just that: a social enterprise selling beautifully handmade, eco-friendly products but with the focus on building relationships and a community of women that support each other, learn new skills and generate income for themselves within a business structure. 

An so started the journey with the women in the community of Ocean View …

+27 83 335 7033

Kommetjie, Cape Town
South Africa

Pure Touch enriches the lives of women in vulnerable communities through relationships, the passing on of skills and the ability to generate income for their families through the production of eco-friendly products. Please support our initiative by purchasing in our shop.

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