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Our Community

Pure Touch enables women to support their families in a sustainable and life-giving way. We journey and partner with women of the Ocean View community, Cape Town.

Ocean View is located approximately 45 minutes outside Cape Town, close to the little village of Kommetjie on the hillside with a beautiful view of the ocean. It was formed in the late 1960’s during the Apartheid regime, when all coloured people were forcefully removed from their homes in the ‘white communities’ of Simon’s Town, Fish Hoek and Noordhoek to live in this settlement. Today some 40’000 people live in Ocean View, many of whom face the challenges of unemployment, widespread drug and alcohol abuse, gang related crime and violence as well as prostitution.

Hi, my name is Janap. I was born in Swaziland but moved to the Northern Cape when I was 4. My husband and I live with 3 of our kids up in the Rasta Camp in Ocean View.

I love everything natural – gardening, farming, recycling – everything that is pure. That’s probably why I like to be a part of the Pure Touch team – the purity in it. I love the quietness and simplicity while knitting and crocheting. It gives me time to think and to be.

I also love the connection we have among us – the relationship and empowerment in this group of beautiful ladies. My dream is one day to travel though Africa and take my work with me – getting to know people while gardening and being an ambassador for Pure Touch.”

Hi, my name is Rozi. I was born in Northern Cape but moved to Ocean View when I was 1 year old. I am a widow, have 5 kids and 4 grandkids.

Craftyness has always been a part of my life. I learned to sew on an old hand driven black Singer machine and since then I have just loved to create things with my hands and to see the looks on people’s faces when they see my creations. My dream in life is to start my own business and to help young girls in the community. To pass on skills and encouragement and mentor them to pass
it on to others. I want to see a ripple effect in our community!

Pure Touch has pushed me to dream bigger and through the team I have been introduced to key people and also made some wonderful friends.

Hi, my name is Shanaaz. I grew up in Ocean View and am a single mom to 2 boys. I have had a hard life. I am a recovering drug addict and I thank God every day for Pure Touch.

Since I joined this team I have gained so much knowledge and I am learning so much. And I love to crochet – it is so therapeutic! I haven’t only gained skills and been able to provide for my family in these months but I have gotten good friends. I am so grateful for the ladies and our friendship. I have even gotten a mentor that is helping me and pushing me to reach further!  

I want to be a good mom to my boys, serve my God and basically be a better person. And I truly believe that I’m a part of something that is going to evolve into something amazing.

Hi, my name is Levona. I grew up in Ocean View and I have 4 kids aged 11-21. I love my community and would like to give something back. One way for me to do this is to be creative and to encourage others to dare to step out in creativity.

Knitting was the normal thing to do in my family when growing up. My moma and sister taught me how to knit and crochet. I enjoy doing something useful and needed with my hands; whether that’s knitting, sewing or baking.”

Hi, my name is Ruth. I am a widow with 4 kids and 6 grandkids, and they all live in my house in Ocean View. 

When I was young my passion was ballroom dancing and I even was in competitions. I still love dancing! After that I worked with many different things although I am a learned stone mason. I guess you could call me a Jack of all trades. My mother was a very caring person and I got a heart for people through that. 

My passion is to be a good friend and take care of people who are down and out. I like Pure Touch because of the ladies in the team- for the understanding we share. And also of course to have an income to support myself.

My dream is to one day live at a farm with nature and animals around me, where there’s peace and freedom.

Hi, my name is Zainu. I am a widow for 4 years now. I live in Ocean View with my 3 kids and my mom.

The years after my husband passed have been difficult – he was a good man and we had a good life together. I used to work at Woolworths for many years. Knitting has always been part of our family, and although I enjoy knitting, baking and cooking, people are my passion. I want to see them having a good life.

What I like about Pure Touch is the connection in our sisterhood and… I am rediscovering my lost touch.”

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Kommetjie, Cape Town
South Africa

Pure Touch enriches the lives of women in vulnerable communities through relationships, the passing on of skills and the ability to generate income for their families through the production of eco-friendly products. Please support our initiative by purchasing in our shop.

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